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Welcome to Christ the King's PTO!

We have many activities planned for our students and families throughout the school year.  Your involvement is essential to the success of our organization.  So please join us at our events... You'll reconnect with friends, meet new families, support your children and their school, and have fun in the process. All school parents are welcome to attend our meetings, we hope to see you there!

What does PTO support?

Money raised by PTO activities goes towards the RIF program in grades 3-5, purchasing science consumables, supporting cultural activities and supporting student vision screening at CTK. Funds are also utilized by your student's teacher(s). PTO provides annual teacher start up funds, staff birthday presents, staff luncheons, and staff appreciate week activities.  Fun Day is exclusively funded by PTO money.  In addition, Extreme Bowling, Grandparent's Tea, PTO Donut Sundays, and our Preschool Parent Mixer are also funded by money raised through your PTO activities.  In addition, PTO gives a SHG $500 scholarship to two 8th grade students each year.  Finally, this past year, PTO helped support the building of our new playground!

Meeting Minutes

April 2017 Minutes

PTO Notes:

7:08 Kristy started meeting

*Reading of the minutes by Kellie Saladino

Teacher Appreciation:
*Flowers remind on Sunday to remind to bring flowers
*Jessica will send out reminders

*Skyzone and Goals are booked
*Release form needs to go home
*Kristen needs the permission slips
*How many drivers per class
*Is there a template, ask Heather, Kristen will email Heather
*Kristy will email Pam about permission slips
*Skyzone 11:30 to 1:00, pizza...where to get, can we cook them at school?  Kristy asking Pam.
*Kristen will think of other activities for the kids at Goals.
Carol Jo Vecchie for adoption, make banners
Deadline for teachers to give ideas for what they want done.  May 15th?
*CEO of Johns to come for picture when we bring the snacks
*$3000 should work
Send forms out ASAP
*Need parent volunteers to help with the service day as well

Used Uniform Sale:
May do during Vacation Bible School

Made $550 on the last Chick a fila night
Traci would run a Family Dinner Night monthly next year

School boxes.  Kristy is working on it.  Forms going out in the next couple weeks.  Make 10% on this.

March 2017 Minutes

PTO meeting:  March 27, 2017

*Meeting called to order at 7:13 by Kristy Wheeler

Budget Report:
*Check Troy's email

* Random flyers, should only get twice a year.  August & November.  Otherwise refer to website to order.

Teacher Appreciation Week:  1st week of May
*Will send out a flyer to do non-uniform cards for teachers
*Teacher gift cards
*Budget $150.00
*Jennifer Hendricks and Ginger Troyer are in charge

*Wednesday, May 24 - 1:45 dismissal
*Thursday, last day of school.  Will be a service day at school
*Still figuring out what needs to be done
*Goodies and cards to St. John's Women's Center
*Goals and Legacy theatre are an idea...
*Skyzone for 4 thru 6th grade
*Goals for K - 3
*Eat at 10:45
*Pizza for all the kids
*Parent volunteers for transportation, or they don't go
*Could probably do for $2500
*Goals is already booked, will have to call Skyzone

Children's Raffle
*No party, no one to coordinate the event
*Will announce winners live on Facebook on Friday, April 28th
*PTO maybe will chair party.  Heather will ask Pam.

*30% down in attendance at every event this year.

*Kristy taking over school kits, will need help in the fall with that.

February 2017 Minutes

PTO Meeting Minutes - February 27, 2017

* Meeting was held at the Brickhouse

* Attendees:  David Saladino, Kelli Bruns, Kristen Ledbetter, Troy Scott, Kristy Wheeler

Spring Fling -
* School Board coordinates.  PTO can volunteer if they want to.

Funday -
* Troy said budget is usually $3000.00
* Kristen stated the 7th & 8th grade may want to do their own thing.
* For K - 6th grade the Gym should be available
* Legacy theatre charges $750.00 if we choose to do a movie.  It seats 300...maybe half of the school could attend...120 kids.
* Skyzone - $19/each for 90 minutes.  $12/each for 30 minutes.  $15/each for 60 minutes.  Maybe one grade....5th or 6th grade.
* Goals - $4/each plus $50 fee for PTO to bring in food.  Photo booth, time capsule, field, lunch.  Need more volunteers, possibly setting a minimum number of volunteers each class must provide if they are going to get to participate.
* Skateland South - no daytime parties
* Strike & Spare - $13/each, 2 hours, provide soda
* $800 for busses last year.  All kids would need to go to same location.
* Two years ago the event was held at the school in the parking lot.  Spent $3000, but no one at meeting was there, so unsure of what the activities were.
* Going to be tough to have K - 6 at one location, probably easier to do K - 3 and 4 - 6 at two locations.  4 - 6 at Goals perhaps.  K- 3 at Legacy?  Would be $6.25 per child -  (121 students).  Each grade responsible for providing drivers.
* Kristy will check on dates for Funday!
* Need to get a price from AMC - movie choices.
* Riverside stables - $250/25 students.  Then an additional $5.00 for each child.
*Kristen said that the service day should then be the last day.

Children's Raffle -
* Kristy and Heather will check with Tressa Hartman to make sure she is still working on it.

Used Uniform Sale:
* Great deal, especially for girls!
* Tracy Gathard will coordinate.

Next meeting will be on March 27th at 7:00 at the Brickhouse!

January 2017 Minutes

PTO:  1-30-17

*President Kristy Wheeler opened the meeting at 7:05 with a prayer.

*Secretary Kellie Saladino read the minutes

Treasurer's Report:
*Troy - discussed the current state of the budget as well as what he found out regarding Elite socks
*See attached info
*Donavan, Troy's son also helped present the benefits & details of elite socks
*Minimum of 15 to order
*Can pre-order or pre-purchase
*30 fee for each design
*$8.00 per pair....lowest at $5.00
* Money will possibly go towards new water fountains in the school
* Sports teams could use, or could wear on spirit days
* Can buy from three different companies
*Will Primo add as an option?
*Maybe PTO and Boosters could split profits
*Need to sell at least 150 socks to see monetary benefit
*Kristy will contact Primo to see if they can sell these socks and then we will go from there
*Donavon will talk to classmates

*See attached report
* We are in good shape.  May even have some extra money to put somewhere to help pay for something the school needs...i.e. new lockers or cafeteria tables
*Book fee share - $1140.00....8.00 fee per every student...we finally received
*Staff and teacher fund - contributed $600.00 to Teachers fund from PTO

Prep Freeze Cook:
*went smoothly this year
*made 40 percent less this year
*34 purchases overall
*Untapped potential
*We need to put out a Testimonial for how good food is
*Put flyers in bulletin next time to generate more sales

Trivia Night:
*Went well, thank goodness weather held out
*Darren did a great job, but said this was his last year
*Should buy more balloons next year because some people were out so early
*A lot of fun
*Will know by next meeting how much money we made

Chick a fila fundraiser:
*February 15 from 5 to 8pm
*Class who has best attendance gets the cow to come to school with a tray of sandwiches
*Early April and end of May
*Have to present flyer to get the deal, 20 percent of sales.  100 percent of ice cream sales

Catholic Schools Week:

Donut Sunday:
*Went really well
*Went thru 20 dozen doughnuts, 3 gallons of juice and milk were consumed
*Earned approximately $122.00 from donations
*Will is doing the luncheon for teachers this week for free

Extreme Bowling:
*under control

Teachers Appreciation Week:
*Jennifer and Ginger are in charge of this
*May 1 - 5th

*Does 7th grade still want to do some sporting event with the 8th grade?  Heather will check into this
*Do Funday on just one day...don't split it up
*Volunteer day on one day....not split up
*Need teacher input for what they think would be a good idea for kids to do
*Goals is out because it can't accommodate the whole school
*Movies, or maybe Skyzone, need volunteers from each classroom
*Busses were really expensive, parents need to help volunteer
*Kristin will come back with places and prices next meeting
*Possibly the Legacy
*Maybe do the time capsules again for the little ones

*Tracy Gathard will do used uniform sale

*Tressa Hartman will do Children's Raffle again this year

February meeting will be at 7:00 at The Brickhouse!

November 2016 Minutes

PTO Meeting:  11-28-16
Dublin Pub

Meeting started at  7:18 by President Kristy Wheeler


Treasurers Report: Troy

*$15,365.20 in account year to date
*Cherry Berry made $163.16
*Trying to figure out what we made at Oktoberfest.  Numbers are not adding up, hard to figure out ticket count.
*Made approx. $1037.00
*Will know more maybe next month
*254 tickets were sold on the Friday before
*Paint Night - made $620.00
*Not spending more, just not making as much at the events as we normally do.

Spirit Wear:
*Added toddler sizes, so with Christmas coming, thinking maybe to do another blast to the school to boost sales.  Turnaround is about two weeks.  Forms need to go out by end of the week.
*Emily ready to add in another new fun thing to order.
*Elite socks could be part of Spiritwear - Troy will look into this

*Skyzone may be another idea for a fundraiser.
*Charming Charlie - same deal.  Go shop to raise money!

Paint night:
*31 people attended
*Went well overall
*Made $620.00

Christmas Fund:
*Pam approved the money
*Heather will collect the money and pass on to Troy
*Percentage based on part time - full they all get the same.  Not in lieu of gifts.
*Contact Father to see about doing a collection at church as well.
*Jessica updating teachers favorite things list.

Trivia Night
*January 14th
*Heather & Kristy chairing
*Shots - Kristin
*Kellie will coordinate volunteers
*Send out a Save the Date, News you can use, etc.
*Theme is school based

Prep Freeze Cook
*161.60 for 10 meals
*Need ten minutes to set up
*Set up outside of mass to try to sell more meals
*Will already be boxed up
*January 26, 2016

Extreme Bowling
*Emily will call and reserve
*February 3rd - Friday of Catholic Schools Week

Chick a fila
*Get 20%, they send cow to school, send out flyers
*Get all the money from ice cream sales
*Need two people to be at the restaurant

Texas Roadhouse
*Tracy Gathard will chair

Teacher's Luncheon:
*Kristy Wheeler will take charge of this event
*Will reach out to Will to see about catering

Donut Sunday:
*Kellie Saladino will take charge of this event

*Kristin is doing
*Will not coordinate the service day, but will do Funday.
*Does not want to do both...coordinating the volunteers

Used Uniform Sale
*Tracy Gathard

Children's Raffle
*Tressa Hartman -  Kristy will reach out to her

Mother/Son dance
*Emily & Heather will chair

*January 30th is next meeting at the Brickhouse


Meeting Schedule

July (7/31/2017) Brickhouse 7:00pm

August (8/28/2017)

September (9/25/2017)

October (10/30/2017)

November (11/27/2017)

January (1/29/2018)

February (2/26/2018)

March (3/26/18)

April (4/30/018)

May/June (6/4/2018)


Board Members

Kristy Wheeler
Emily Cour
Vice President
Troy Scott
Kellie Saladino
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