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Principal's Report

Letters from Mrs. Fahey

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2016 School Survey Results

July 29, 2016

Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our Parent School Survey.  104 families responded out of 247 school families.  We had a good sampling of parents of children in Preschool through 8th grade.  I would like to share the results with you and respond to your suggestions.  Keep in mind, I share responses with faculty and staff, the fundraising committee through the CTK School Board and the PTO, to help drive future decisions. 

Here are some statistics: 

  • 99% volunteer, serve, and attend school functions. They feel it's important, enjoy the opportunities, and set an excellent example through service hours.
  • 82% feel motivated to volunteer to be involved in their child's education.
  • 92% are aware Christ the King School offers tuition assistance.
  • 98% agree the quality of education that their child receives at CTK is worth the investment.
  • 95% are satisfied with the curriculum offered to students.
  • 88% are satisfied with the resources for diversified learners.
  • 98% are satisfied with the integration of Catholic values in our school.
  • 91% are satisfied with the integration of technology in our school.
  • 97% are satisfied with the clubs, after-school programs, and sports offered in our school.
  • 94% are satisfied with the communication between school and home.
  • 95% are satisfied with the school grounds and building appearance.
  • 95% are satisfied with the integration between school and parish.
  • 96% would recommend Christ the King School to others.
  • 41% are willing to perform more service hours if the added hours were outreach in our community.
  • 80% would like to sign up for service hours online.
  • 82% completed more than the required 20 hours of service this year.
  • 63% attended the annual school fundraiser: Celebrating CTK! Dueling Piano Party.
  • 77% preferred this year's format for the annual fundraiser.
  • 80% sold tickets for the CTK Bonus raffle.
  • Activities attended by the respondents:  0-25% attended May Crowning; Stations of the Cross; St. Patrick's Day parade; March for Life; Parish Sing-A-Long; and the Veterans Day Celebration.  25-50% attended the Nativity Program; Extreme Bowling; Eddie Fest; Spring Fling Raffle Party.  50-75% attended  Athletic events; Trivia Night; Oktoberfest; School Musical; Family Faith Formation; Open House/Science & History Fair. Over 75% attended Meet the Teacher night; Grandparent's Tea; Family Lunch during Catholic Schools Week; and Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Of the 33 respondents who answered the question: their Christ the King graduate was well prepared for high school, 85% agreed.  I have some other statistics that support our graduates are well prepared.  These percentages reflect the percentage of our Christ the King School graduates who went on to SHG and made honor roll or high honors. 

77% of CTK graduates who attended SHG made honor roll or high honor roll!  Here is a breakdown of the 134 of 175 CTK students:

  • CTK class of 2012 (SHG Senior 2016 class) 41 out of 48 who went to SHG or 85% are on honor roll.
  • CTK class of 2013 (SHG Senior 2017 class) 34 out of 47 who went to SHG or 72% are on honor roll.
  • CTK class of 2014 (SHG Senior 2018 class) 27 out of 35 who went to SHG or 77% are on honor roll.
  • CTK class of 2015 (SHG Senior 2019 class) 32 out of 45 who went to SHG or 71% are on honor roll.

CTK students who go to SHG are prepared well for high school.  96% of SHG graduates are college bound.  $14.8 million has been awarded in first time merit based and renewable scholarships.  The 2016 SHG valedictorian this year was a CTK graduate.  Furthermore, SHG provided us with this information:  98% of the CTK graduates in the SHG Class of 2015 were going onto college and earned $4.03 million in renewable merit scholarships from the colleges and universities to which they applied.

Why do I provide these statistics?  I believe these are positive results.  I continue to learn and grow and believe being an effective leader means positive results in culture, morale, and work ethic.  I have consistent, high expectations and have always been very ambitious.  I understand disadvantage need not be a barrier to achievement.  I focus relentlessly on improving teaching and learning with very effective professional development for all staff of Christ the King School.  We must all be experts at assessment and the tracking of student progress with appropriate support and intervention based on a detailed knowledge of the individual student.  Additionally, I continue to read, learn and practice my faith to be an intentional disciple, so I can create a positive impact on school climate, and can motivate others to achieve their best through a strong moral purpose. 

These factors are important at Christ the King School:  Daily religious and moral instruction.  Rigorous academic reputation and college preparation.  We maintain 2 sections of each grade level.  Academic excellence in a safe environment is a top priority. Our school counselor  is a vital member of our school personnel and is available to assist with responsive services and support.  She goes into all the classrooms and presents lessons to encourage healthy personal and social development.  We also have outstanding special programs: Music, Art, PE, Library and Technology.  These are imperative as part of our strong curriculum. We extend these programs through extracurricular offerings: Mission Club; Choirs; Musicals; Art Club; Sports; Girls on the Run; Scholastic Bowl; Math Counts; Student Council; Girls Create; Lego League; and Computer Programming Club are several but not all we offer beyond the classroom. 

Technology plays a significant role in our school.  In the last two years we've added 25 brand new computers in the computer lab and additionally in all the teachers classrooms; new Smartboards to replace Teamboards,;and  teachers have received good professional development  to use them properly.  We have two iPad carts and iPads for learning centers in the classrooms.  Last year we added 50 Chromebooks to share in our 5th thru 8th grade classrooms, and this year with another generous donation, we are adding 150 Chromebooks so we will have enough for every student in 5th thru 8th grade with a charging cart in every 5th thru 8th grade classroom.  Last year several teachers attended the Illinois Education & Technology Conference.  Several teachers are going again this year in November  to improve the quality of education at Christ the King School with the opportunity to exchange ideas on the applications of educational technologies in our classrooms.

A strong Christian ideology centered around becoming intentional disciples is the platform from which we all grow and learn.  We are not limited to teaching only Common Core State Standards, and we do not.  Our school has the academic freedom to select what we adapt from the Common Core State Standards according to what is supportive to the Catholic mission of the school.  Please understand this is what we believe and do.  We are committed to make our curriculum stronger in best practices in education.  For this year we have purchased a new Religion textbook series through Ignatius Press that is more in line with our new Diocesan Religion Standards.  We are also taking a year to prepare and develop our Writing program to make it stronger.  We will be preparing to use Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Writing.  This will be a focus for our professional development this year.

I thank you once again for participating in this year's Parent School Survey.  Always know my door is open and I would happily meet with you to discuss how to make Christ the King an even better place for learning.  Please understand I think long and think deeply about each suggestion for improvement I read and sincerely and genuinely take these suggestions seriously.  I would like you to know educating each and every student is my top priority in a safe and welcoming environment. Christ the King School, in partnership with families, empowers children in their Catholic faith journey to promote academic excellence and life-long service.  At Christ the King School we are all about Enriching Minds, and Enhancing Faith.

God's blessings,

Pam Fahey


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Principal's Report

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