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Tax Credit Scholarship Program



The State of Illinois

offers a

Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Donors to the program will receive a 75% Illinois State Tax Credit.

Individual donors may choose to designate Christ the King School to receive donations for scholarships.  

How to Donate

Step 1: Register Today.  Donors need an account on mytax.illinois.govto get a Letter ID. This can take up to 10 days. To register visit:

Step 2: Reserve Your Tax Credit.  After you register, you need to reserve your Tax Credit after Jan. 2nd with the Illinois Department of Revenue. To reserve your tax credit visit:

Step 3: Donate.   IL Dept. of Revenue will send a  tax credit receipt, you may now make your scholarship donation to CTK School through Empower Illinois: 

How to Apply for a Scholarship


Click here to Visit Empower Illinois for more Information

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