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Lighting of our Advent Wreath

During the season of advent we meet in the gym every Monday morning to light the Advent candles on our CTK School Advent wreath.

As we gather to light the Advent candles, our students also prepare the manger by placing pieces of yellow paper, which represent straw, into the manger.  Our students write on their “piece of straw” a prayer, acts of kindness, or sacrifice performed through the season of Advent.

The crib or manger represents our hearts as we prepare for Christ as He comes in a threefold way:

 1.) Coming to us in the past, at Bethlehem,  2.) Coming to us in the present, in Mass and into our hearts through grace and through Holy Communion and,  3.) Coming to us in the future at the last judgment. 

The students will be able to see each week the expression of their good work piling up, as they contribute their "straw" into the manger, preparing for our Lord to come.

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